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Based in NYC and Tokyo.



I have been creating various things since I was a little child.

My first formal study about design was Architecture at university in TX.


I started my career as an interior designer in Tokyo.

While working as an interior designer, my wish to create something with my own hand had been getting bigger and bigger gradually but I was not sure what exactly I want to create at that time.

I’ve been looking for something what I really want to create, and in 2012, I finally found the way to millinery inspired by Anya Caliendo’s hats and foreign millinery culture.


I traveled to NY right away to learn millinery from Anya Caliendo in NY.

After that, I have been creating various hats and headpieces for fashion editorial and bridal scenes. I keep creating hats to make myself happy, encourage and get excited by spreading something beautiful and interesting things in my mind. I hope somebody else can also feel the same. That makes me much happier!

I believe that hats have the power to make you smile. Please put your favorite hat when you feel sad. It makes you smile.:)




Ayuko Hishikawa

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