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Metal wire headpieces

Metal wire headpieces/flower&butterfly

Metal wire dragonfly/

Metal wire butterfly


Here are some metal wire headpieces of flower,butterfly, and dragonfly.

It was really interesting material and really enjoyed playing with it.

I create these things because I thought I need to keep creating something but actually I had no idea what I should create.

So just tried to move my hands and let it go.

It sometimes looks really weird when I create something like this and it's obviously not for sale,but I think this is kind of important moment of creation even if I just made strange stuffs.;))


メタルワイヤーのメッシュで創った花、チョウチョ、トンボのヘッドピースです。 メタルワイヤーは扱いやすく、どんな形も自由に創れてとても面白いです。自分で作っておいて言うのもなんですが、



我ながら迷走してる。。笑 でもクリエイションの段階にはきっとこういう迷走も必要なのだと自分に言い聞かせております。


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