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Collaboration with Japanese traditional WASHI paper.

Creating new accessories with Japanese WASHI paper.


Making Washi flower with flower making tools.


Now I'm working on collaboration project with Japanese washi paper company,'SIWA'.

Cutting and playing with paper remind me when I was a little kid.

Washi is Japanese traditional paper. Recently , we can find various types of wash tape here in the U.S.

'SIWA' is the washi brand that created their own original washi material which is strong, unbreakable, and wearable.

I’m struggle for the way to create some beautiful accessories with those paper.

It has to be wearable of course, has to be comfortable, and better to be successful at sales.

It can’t be just a children’s craft.

It’s always not so easy and a continuous process of trial and error to create something new with new special material,

but it’s really fun and very good training for designers.

We need to think more and try more things when there’s more limitation and condition.

It’s also the best chance to get more skill.

Anyway, I’d like to write more about traditional Washi paper and SIWA,

when our products are ready!It’ll be published at the end of March!

I just can say for now, Siwa’s material is really interesting and beautiful material.












Original WASHI paper material which have various colors.


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