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Designing the shadow.

Use the shadow and it's rhythm as the part of design.



Trough the washi paper project, one important element of design came to my mind.This project reminded me the importance of the shadow.

W hen I was an Architecture student, shadow was one of the important elements of spatial design,like the position of window, the sunlight, and how the window create shadow into the interior space ,etc.We do care about it even when we look for our new apartment.

I just realized that is also an interesting element of design for fashion.

This washi paper can create much stronger shadow than usual fabrics.While working on sample design of clutches, we realized that it can show more interesting impact of design when it has more complicated shadow and rhythm.

So we tested various types of designs to create more interesting shadow.

I'll explain more about its final design soon!

T he product will be finally released on March 31st at Tokyu Plaza Ginza.








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