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Custom made headpiece for a bride.

Big bow and tulle veil elegant headpiece for wedding ceremony.

Just got some great pics from my friend who ordered me to create a headpiece to fit her gorgeous silk wedding dress.

When I create a custom-made headpiece, I always ask the color, material, and design of wedding dress.Then we discuss more details like what's her favorite look, style, color, design, and etc.

Her wedding dress was simple and elegant silk a-line dress and she wanted to have a little bit cuteness on her head, so we decided to have a bow-shaped headpiece with short veil. Bow design is sometimes too cute but with elegant embroideries and pearls, it looks not too cute but feminine.

I chose various types of embroidered lace with luxury velvet for a large bow and used various types of pearl on the center. By mixing up some different materials, we can get more layers to show more depth and more luxurious texture.

This is what I love about my job that I can feel I'm a part of their special and happiest moment in their lives.Congratulation!!







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