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Collaboration with Japanese traditional WASHI paper Ver.2

New design of collaborated washi paper accessory with SIWA,

is now on sale at Tokyu plaza GINZA.


This time we used urushi printed washi paper material, which is really rare.URUSHI'漆'is a Japanese traditional lacquer been used in paintings, prints, etc. SIWA has their own special technique to print modern graphics with URUSHI on washi paper which express three dimensional pattern with glossy texture.

I designed more simple ,modern,and geometric accessories this time to make the best use of urushi pattern and texture.We used only scraps of those materials, so it was a little bit hard to create something new from limited materials.But at the same time it was great idea to use those scraps as small accessories such as earrings.To create larger accessories, like corsage and necklace, I combined some small pieces of geometrics together to create interesting random pattern.

These are all made out of washi paper so it's very light-weight, and also very eco-friendly accessories:)


SIWAとのコラボアクセ第2段が、東急プラザ銀座店6階'siwa collection'にて発売開始致しました。今回はsiwa×urushi、和紙に特殊な方法で漆印刷を施した素材を使用しました。漆の美しい立体的でツヤのある質感を活かすため、前回のflowerアクセシリーズとはまた違った雰囲気のシンプル且つジオメトリックなデザインのアクセサリーを作りました。



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