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Magazine publications/ GLAMOUR BULGARIA with design tips.

Mini Topper and some pieces on

GLAMOUR Bulgaria

Photo by Marc Tousignant

Hair & Make up by ilde Goncalves SephoraPro,

Model Luisa Bianchin @New York Model Management

Styling by Chaunielle Brown

My embroidery lace mini topper /Visor like headpiece/White KIKU flower headpeice/ Black straw bowler hat/

for GLAMOUR BULGARIA fashion shooting.✨🎩✨

I love embroidery lace, especially white one.I usually choose various types of embroidery laces and cut it into smaller pieces and saw them together to create more original lace fabric. It's like creating a collage and fun!

When we choose different materials in white color, we need to be more careful to choose colors because there are different types of WHITE . Yellowish and blueish white. These embroidery laces are yellowish white laces.↑

If we use both yellowish and blueish white together, it shows gap slightly and might look cheap.Sometimes it works great together, but it requires more technique to choose, so I recommend to use same type of white at first.

Hope you all enjoy playing with your lace fabrics!!

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