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Working on a new hat!

How do I start creating my new piece?

-Design processes and tips-


I usually start with some lough sketches. Then I choose materials that I use. When I feel I stuck on my design ideas, I sometimes read magazines or do researches on internet. Choosing materials and colors are sometimes become the most important and difficult processes for me.

Once I decide the design and the materials, I start creating the hat but while creating the hat, I often change the materials over and over again. I sometimes change even the first design, It's always trough trial and error.


Especially when I create a big hat, there are many different parts in one hat. Crown, brim, edge of the brim, back surface of the brim, and etc,. So there are many processes to create one hat and so many things to decide.

Since I like to use various materials in one hat, that's makes it much harder. But at the same time,

it makes the hat much more interesting, unique,and more luxury.


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