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Dahlia flower headpiece for a bride.

tips of a silk flower making.


I created a dahlia flower headpiece for a bride, using silk organza fabric.

Dahlia flower has many petals so it takes a bit of time but it's not difficult.

You can make it with a basic way of silk flower making.

(Sorry, forgot to take pictures of detailed making...)

Big dahlia headpiece is very elegant and dynamic and can be fitted with

both Japanese traditional KIMONO style wedding and a wedding gown.

When I create a silk flower, I carefully research the shape of its flower.

Dahlia has many tightly rolled and curled, ray-like petals in the center and

those get larger outward. Showing those petals shape clearly, that's the key to create silk flower.

Choosing material and color is also the key.

If you choose a thick and dark fabric, it's going to be a heavy flower.

This time, the bride had a bridal party in Summer,

so I used a thin and see-through fabric to create a lighter flower.













sew together petals and back sides.

details of dahlia petals.

Dahlia flower headpiece with washi paper earrings matches very well.



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